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Just Dance!

June 27, 1999 - Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jan Teevan, Ian! Allen, Volker Tilgner, Liza Daniel, Louis Radikir, Andy Gabe, Raymond Tasse
Next meeting: POTLUCK - Sunday, August 15th, 12:00 noon
22 Oak St. (Directions: 235-6216, 567-6262, idallen@idallen.ca)
"Just Fording" at Britannia Rapids

(River Dance!)

All Just Dancers Welcome:  July 25th in the morning 10:00

Meet at 1320 Richmond Rd (near Lincoln fields)
Apartmentt 407 - ring 397 (A.Gabe, agabe@magardi.com)

Musical Interludes: Ian! Allen
Minutes: Andy Gabe


  1. Review of action items and plans for fall promo
  2. Water fight
  3. Approval on text for newsletters
  4. Pie
  5. Review - are we doing what we say what we’ll do
  6. Review meeting

Previous Action Items

Name Action Item Status
Ian! & Jan Host June 27 potluck meeting Completed
Jon & Charlotte Complete poster Pending
Michelle Translation of poster ?
All Distribute poster Delayed
Phoenix Update Xpress magazine with Just Dance events ?
Louis Go to Chelsea with Jorge to get on bank account Pending
Jan Make sign board for outside Completed
Volker Look into the details of Arts Council Completed
Jan Follow up with Nicki about Xpress, Citizen & Dance Network newsletter  
Andy Finish new poster if necessary (after June 1) Delayed
Ian! Put Jorge’s old poster on the website Completed
Louis Photocopying of poster Delayed
Andy e-mail phone list to Ian & Louis Completed
Louis Will organize the phone tree Delayed

Current Action Items

Name Action Item
Jan & Ian! Host the next meeting
Raymond Will continue workshop coordination for this season. Thank you Raymond!
Jan Contact karate studio and clear our new schedule/dates
Volker Just Dance membership in the Council for the Arts

Ongoing media contact with workshop schedule updates: free part of Tone, Xpress, Our Town (the Citizen), Dance Network

Check into methods to simplify notifications (fax, e-mail)

Jan Contact Ellie Barrington regarding writing a piece for the Citizen & Xpress
Volker, Louis, Andy, Jan, Michelle & Group See schedules below for flyer & poster deadlines
Louis Organize phone tree for next Just Eat/Meet

Status & Review

Deadlines & plans for the fall promotional efforts, including flyers in the Council for the Arts & Dance Network newsletters, and posters were drawn up.

General Discussion

  1. Review of action items & plans for fall promo

  2. The Bronson Center will be a place we’ll keep in mind for other larger events, but we won’t move there, since the atmosphere is not as nice.

    Louis clarified that he will be the contact for just dance promotions, and that he will organize the phone tree for the next Just Eat, and to be used for the first Just Dance. Jan, Raymond & Andy volunteered to be at the top level of the phone tree.

    Volker looked into membership in the Council for the Arts. It will give us access to advertising media – flyers, newsletters, & web promotions.

    Volker will sign us up, and pay the $50 for now for the membership. Jan will sign us up for Dance Network.


    Name Action Item Deadlines
    Volker Final wording, e-mail to group July 10
    Group Approve final wording July 15
    Jan Confirm that Michelle will do translation  
    ? Text to Michelle for translation July 19
    Michelle Translation July 25
    Andy Layout (Wendy’s piece on the back, or excerpts), send final to Louis July 31
    Louis Photocopying, cutting? (150 or 300 inserts – total?) Aug 9
    Louis Flyers to Dance Network Aug 10 (cut-off )
    Louis Flyers to Council for the Arts End of August (cut-off)

    Jon & Charlotte are still working on completing the poster. Charlotte has the text from Jon. Ian has also put the old poster that Jorge found on the website. Andy will contact Charlotte re poster, compare with the web poster, and possibly merge them, send to group for feedback, and look at doing the layout on computer as a simpler method.


    Name Action Item Deadlines
    Andy Contact Charlotte re poster, softcopy to group for approval July 24
    Group Approval of poster Aug 1
      Final to Louis Aug 7
    Louis Photocopying (300, 8 X 11) Aug 14
      Distribute poster at next Just Eat Aug 15
      Postering End of August
  3. Water fight

  4. Postponed until we meet again as River Dance on July 25?

  5. Approval on text for newsletters

  6. Completed?

  7. Pie

  8. This part of the meeting went off without any hitches.

  9. Review - are we doing what we say what we’ll do

  10. Some of our ideas will not be possible until a time when we have higher attendance, as the volunteer efforts of the core group are stretched thin. The review of action items in the meeting is helping with having a clearer picture of what we are/are not accomplishing.

    Perhaps there are people who don’t want to come to the meetings, but would be willing to help out with some of the volunteer efforts.

  11. Review meeting

Meeting process > B+ : ) as per Ian!


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