1999-03-27 Minutes
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1999-03-27 Minutes
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Dancing Suit
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Just Dance!

March 27, 1999 - Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Ian, Christine, Liza, Jan, Louis, Jon, Charlotte, Michael, Susan, Volker, Andy
Next meeting: POTLUCK - 11 April 99, 12:00noon
22 Oak St. (RSVP 235-6216, idallen@idallen.ca)

Action Items

Jan Ensure that Just Dance is listed in the Ottawa Citizen
Jon & Charlotte Create draft poster for group’s comments
Ian & Jan Host potluck meeting April 11 at 22 Oak Street; 235-6216, 567-6262; idallen@idallen.ca
All? Contact friends, former attendees and founders for ideas, and invite them to the potluck

Status & Review

A potluck will be held in 2 weeks (April 11) to the direction we would like Just Dance to go in, and how we can make it happen. Current and past attendees, and founders of Just Dance will be invited to share ideas & insights. Jon & Charlotte will create a draft poster for the group’s comments.

General Discussion

An informal brainstorming session was held at the end of Circle regarding the direction Just Dance would like to go from here. People had great suggestions for ways of drawing in new attendees, renewing the format, and increasing people’s enjoyment. Accomplishing some of the following will hopefully alleviate concerns regarding the tendency of attendance to decline over time if left unbolstered:

Ideas & Comments

Increase marketing efforts
Contact Wendy Philpott & Patricia Nichols - info. re how they started Just Dance, what worked & what didn’t.
Postering - Advertise (Art schools, Dance schools, telephone poles, health food stores)
List regularly in Tone magazine, X-press, and the Ottawa Citizen
The web works! – Jon came to Just Dance before even moving to Ottawa
Return to having drumming at a set time (so drummers will know when to arrive)
Pamphlet posted in health food stores
Increase distribution of recently created newsletter
Ask people who used to attend, if there are changes they would like to see?
Invite drummers - contact drum maker, school of dance, The Stone Angel, & Jorge’s friends
Birthday party at Just Dance!
People could make donations to help out with Just Dance
Do other dance events happen on the same evenings as Just Dance?
Every 1st & 3rd weekend of the month (people not knowing when they are)
Return to earlier time slot (since 9:00 p.m. is late for families to start)
Are the workshops popular?
Let’s have a potluck to discuss this in depth, and organize our efforts
Jorge can update us on the financial situation

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