1999-04-11 Minutes
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1999-04-11 Minutes
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Dancing Suit
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Just Dance!

April 11, 1999 - Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Ian! Allen, Jan Teevan, Jon Pierce, Kate Brennan, Susan Alexandre, Lise Nickerson, Liza Daniel, Michéle Matte, Phoenix Winter, Jennifer Deligiannis, Jorge Deligiannis, Andy Gabe, Volker Tilgner, Louis Radakir, Ananda Lavigne, Ellie Barrington, Charlotte Vallierettorce
Next meeting: POTLUCK - May 16, 1999, 12:00 noon - 22 Oak St (just south of Preston and Somerset West in the Italian quarter)
Jan 567-6262, Ian! 235-6216
Facilitator: Jan Teevan
Vibes Monitor: Volker Tilgner
Minutes: Andy Gabe


  1. Meeting process 5 min
  2. Mission statement 15 min
  3. Ombudsman 10 min
  4. Financial 7 min
  5. Brainstorming for attendance 20 min
  6. Action plan (including poster discussion) 20 min
  7. Staffing volunteer positions 10 min
  8. Did this meeting work, did we accomplish what we wanted? 15 min

Previous Action Items


Action Item Status
Jorge Ensure that Just Dance is listed in the Ottawa Citizen Completed
Jon & Charlotte Create draft poster for group’s comments In progress
Ian & Jan Host April 11 potluck meeting Completed
All Contact friends, former attendees and founders for ideas, and invite them to the potluck Completed


Current Action Items


Action Item
Ian & Jan Host May 16 potluck meeting
Jon & Charlotte Complete poster
Michelle Translation of poster
All Distribute poster
Phoenix Update Xpress magazine with Just Dance events
Louis Go to Chelsea with Jorge to get on bank account
Andy Compile phone/e-mail list
Volker Generate copies of poster location list
? Find visual for poster


Status & Review

Since the financial situation is comfortable for now the main efforts to increase attendance will be organized for the fall (after the summer break). A second meeting will be held in May to finalize plans for these efforts. Some efforts will be made in the meantime to encourage attendance for the remainder of the year. This will include postering, Tone magazine & the Citizen.

General Discussion

  1. Meeting process

  2. Use a symbolic talking stick (allowing other time to speak)
    Consensus decisions
    Justify blocking concerns
    Chair person & vibes monitor


  3. Mission statement

  4. "Just Dance for me is not just dance!"

    Just Dance is community. It's friendly & welcoming; a safe and healthy place to dance. It's self-expression. It's not a meat market! It's alive; it is life. It's music! A place to come together & share our dances. It’s fun! It's non-competitive. A place you can spread your wings; be children; express your joy and your pain. It's a friendly circle. It's a place to come alive; to be ourselves; to dance beautiful; dance ugly; dance crazy; dance who we are.


  5. OmbudsDancer

  6. Several people to ensure presence at each dance (a committee)
    Identifiable (wear a hat or ribbon)
    Announce at every circle so newcomers will know about them
    People that you can talk to if you're not comfortable with anything
    A greeter, friendly face, guard, peace keepers
    Commitment to protect the space, hold back from dancing too intensely, be aware of the mood
    Mention in promotional material
    Scratch pad for comments for people who don't like to talk
    Call on others for help if necessary to approach the person, discuss with group if necessary
    Do not embarrass anyone in public


  7. Financial

  8. When Jorge took over the finances in 1994 the balance was $66.

    A typical year’s rent is approximately $1760.

    The following figures are approximate.

    Year Revenue Advertising Other major purchases Year end balance
    94-95 $2759 $352 (Tone & flyers) $393 sub-woofer, cds, etc $341
    95-96 $2542 $332   $771
    96-97 $2615 $200 Not a lot of expenses $1504
    97-98 $1741   $140 speaker repairs $1427
    98-99 (?) none   $1100 (current)

    We can afford to keep having dances for two years, but the trend is downward.

    This year would have been worse if we'd kept advertising in Tone ($300)
    The Tone ads & less volunteering from core group were the problems
    Jorge was not coming as much anymore. Others also. The Tone ad was also dropped because there wasn’t enough money coming in to cover it. This year we ran an ad for 3 months, but it didn't help.


  9. Brainstorming for attendance

  10. Facilities:

    Some people don’t come anymore because they don’t like the location
    Trying to get a break on the rent was suggested; some suggested the rent is quite reasonable. (We also have a storage locker at the location for free!)
    Raise the fee to $5
    Sliding scale for people who can't afford it.
    Dance Network studio is small, not accessible, and parking is a problem
    Arts court - we did one session there, but they are also not wheel chair accessible
    Community centres - multi-cultural events, didn't seem to be interested. High rent.
    Room is too cold

    Format of evening:

    In any kind of group, you'll have a bunch of people who will always stay, but there are always people who leave - we need to bring new people in to replace them.
    What about optional circle in the outer room
    Circle should come first
    Cut out the workshops, since the attendance is low
    Is 8:00 the workshop? When does the workshop end?
    Workshops going over time - people coming for only dance
    Starting late is a problem, now the workshop is not even starting at 8:00!
    What to do with children during the workshop?
    Workshops earlier
    Hold the dance before the workshop
    Old format of having workshop & drumming before the circle was helping with attendance (Jorge)
    Workshop teachers - how do they feel, are they getting paid enough (so far it's good feedback from teachers)
    How to pay the teacher & not mix it in with the rent
    don't pay fee if they're going to drum?
    Jorge thinks they stopped coming because there weren't enough people coming. There were some people coming from Stone Angel.
    Some of them drummed all night, which bugs some people.
    Phoenix will ask some people she knows.
    Used to be 10:50-11:15 after the circle. Circle at 10:30
    They don't have to pay.
    Do we have music for young people?
    It's OK for there to be a dance with music for people with our kind of taste
    There are teenagers who like & need this kind of place to go
    Do we want to have someone who pays more attention to the music (a few cds have gone missing)
    Variety of music very important. Really like dancing to slow music. This may have effected the attendance.
    Add a music requests category to a suggestion form
    We could expand our own musical vocabularies
    We don't share the same music with teenagers
    Once a year we could have a rave!


    Every other week, - 1st and 3rd of each
    Have it once a month
    If the dates were standardized - a lot of the publicity would no longer be necessary


    Membership activation
    Phone tree
    Mailing/e-mail list
    Flyers can be passed around at Just Dance
    Membership fees?
    Publicize need for volunteers
    Free publicity
    Healthy restaurants
    Dance teachers
    Community centres
    CBC dance reporter
    Radio arts calendar
    Community newspapers
    Has the Citizen ever done a feature? Could get quite a lot of feature coverage by just putting out the word
    Another source of people is from the other boogies - when people are travelling.
    Network of liturgical dance groups
    Dance Network newsletter always includes Just Dance schedule as long as someone calls
    Paid publicity
    May want to consider becoming members of Arts Council? $50? Membership fee gets you in their newsletter which reaches a lot of people
    If dates were standardized, standard publications could then be issued with the weeks included
    Who is the membership of just dance? Define target audience
    Young people, multicultural may not interested in going
    Do we want to tap into other groups?
    Even DNE has trouble attracting older teenagers
    We've lost a lot of families
    Good welcome committee
    Ballet & modern dancers might be interested
    No recurring conflicting events with Dance Network
    People get lost! Put a map on the website
    Poster discussion

    To include:

    Come as you are, comfortable
    Energetic visual
    Use old logo
    Adjectives, come! casual! exciting! playful! Come otherwise you'll miss half of your life!!
    Enthusiastic interjections


  11. Action plan

  12. Jon, Charlotte & Michelle will complete the posters, and various people will distribute them. Jorge has a list of places to distribute them.

    Phoenix will keep X-Press magazine updated, and Jorge has sent the schedule in to the Citizen.

    The above efforts will be made to attract more attendees for the spring (until the last dance in June), and the main effort will be planned for the fall. Another meeting date has been set (see above).


  13. Staffing volunteer positions

  14. Name Back-up Ongoing task
    Raymond Jennifer Organize workshops
    Ian Louis Opening & closing
    Susan, Charlotte Jan Welcoming committee (put up signs, sandwich board)
    Jan, Ananda, Phoenix Jorge OmbudsDancers
    Louis   Contact phone number 233-8033
    Jorge Louis Pay the rent
    Jorge Jan Interface with landlord
    Jorge   Financial management
    Ian Louis Sound equipment
    Liza   Lights (will get lightbulbs)
    Jon Jan Supplies: toilet paper, balloons, first aid kit, garbage bags
    Liza   Money collection (find ways to encourage & differentiate workshop donations)
    Liza Ian Bank deposit, notify Jorge
    Jon   Newsletter
    Ian   Web Master
    Andy   Minutes


  15. Did this meeting work, did we accomplish what we wanted?

  16. I’ve never seen so much cooperation in a meeting before!
    It would’ve been nice if we’d been able to have more of an action plan. We kept getting back into brainstorming.
    What a nice bunch of people!



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