1999-05-16 Minutes
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1999-05-16 Minutes
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Dancing Suit
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Just Dance!

May 16, 1999 - Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jorge Deligiannis, Jan Teevan, Ian Allen, Volker Tilgner, Liza Daniel, Louis Radikir, Andy Gabe
Next meeting: POTLUCK - June 27, 12:00 noon
22 Oak St. (235-6216, idallen@idallen.ca)
Vibes Monitor:  
Minutes: Andy Gabe


  1. Define action plan for increasing attendance or reducing expenses
  2. Are our volunteers doing what they say they'll be doing?
  3. When to have 'Just Eat'?

Previous Action Items

Name Action Item Status
Ian & Jan Host May 16 potluck meeting Completed
Jon & Charlotte Complete poster Delayed
Michelle Translation of poster ?
All Distribute poster Delayed
Phoenix Update Xpress magazine with Just Dance events ?
Louis Go to Chelsea with Jorge to get on bank account Pending
Andy Compile phone/e-mail list Completed
Volker Generate copies of poster location list Completed
? Find visual for poster Incomplete
Liza, Louis? Make bank deposits Being done

Current Action Items

Name Action Item
? Check out the Bronson Center space – Contact Maureen (or Joan) 237-5550
Jan Make sign board for outside
Volker Look into the details of Arts Council
Jan Follow up with Nicki about Xpress, Citizen & Dance Network newsletter
Andy Finish new poster if necessary (after June 1)
Ian Put Jorge’s old poster on the website
Louis Photocopying of poster
Jan & Ian Host next pot luck on June 27 at 22 Oak Street - 235-6216 - idallen@idallen.ca
Andy e-mail phone list to Ian & Louis
Louis Will organize the phone tree

Status & Review

    A modest action plan for increasing attendance was made including revisions to the schedule, format of the evening, & publicity efforts. The redefinition of the volunteer roles has begun to kick into effect. Other initiatives will be put on hold in the hopes that increased attendance will help with the volunteer effort required.

General Discussion

  1. Action Plan for increasing attendance

  2. Location

    The Bronson Center will be checked into as an option, however it has virtually been ruled out because the room is not as attractive for several reasons. The current space is attractive due to the sprung wood floor, mirrors, and the size of the room being not too big, not too small. We will most likely stay with the current space for now.


    Just Dance dates will be on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month starting in September, to become more standardized. The first fall date will be September 4, 99.

    Format of the evening

    This new format will be re-evaluated after a few months to see if it is successful.




    Open Dance – upbeat music, ending with lively music, so people are ready for a break


    Community Circle (introductions, announcements)


    Someone get up & get the music going again towards the end (upbeat, lively music)
    Do a movement or gesture at the end of circle to get people going again
    Hand out percussion instruments at the end of the circle, to get people involved in the drumming


    Dancing to Drumming


    an opportunity for Slower (or perhaps Stranger) Dance Music and other Music


    Jan will make a sign-board for outside
    Consistency should be maintained with getting info to Tone Magazine, Dance Network Newsletter, Xpress, Citizen. Jan will follow up with Nicki or Phoenix to see if they are handling this.
    Citizen coverage, feature story. No action taken as of yet.
    Poster - Jon will try to get the poster done in the next 10 days. Louis has access to lots of photocopy resources. Andy will take over the poster if Jon can't do it by Jun 1. This may not be necessary, since Jorge has a soft copy of an old poster.
    Volker will find out about Arts Council membership - cost, what it includes, newsletter distribution etc.
    Posters in a few critical spots: Green Door Restaurant, Folk Lore Center, Rasputin's, Rainbow Foods, Wheat Berry.
    Phone list – Andy will e-mail to Ian & Louis, and Louis will organize the phone tree
    Another potluck was scheduled for Jun 27 to gear up for August promotion for the fall.

    A small bit of brainstorming did occur:

    We could join in events such as the Dance Festival other events that get people into coming to the regular thing
    If we do this, it has to be organized ahead of time
  3. Do we want to keep track of doing what we say we'll do?

  4. We have had no OmbudsDancer yet.

    We decided to defer the ombudsman item & really getting all ideas off the ground until we hopefully have more people coming. We need more people to carry the load if we want to start new initiatives like this.

  5. Just Eat

  6. Would it be nice to have potluck community dinners more often? When?


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