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The Parent Discharge Group

The RC Parent Discharge Group has been meeting in the current format since 1996, and most of us have known each other for several  years before that. Members attend when they can and are welcome at any time. There is no charge. We are flexible and accommodating to our group members - we have changed both time and location when needed. The group is closed because we value the balance we have created, so new members can join by invitation only. We meet every two weeks. Our opening circle offers us a chance to tell a new and good for us and for one of our children. We divide up the time equally and close with a highlight and something we are looking forward to. We do not see ourselves as the only group for parents - we believe that there is room for other parent's discharge/support groups and classes in the community.

We work together (we wrote this description together) - we operate without any leader and offer group counselling with no passive counsellors. The counselling is self-directed and group assisted. We rarely introduce theory. We have become a very connected group who love and value each other and the work we do together. The continuity of the group has meant that we know each other's material very well and can call each other on our stuff (and we usually do!). The format has created an atmosphere of trust, acceptance and unconditional love that is not easily found elsewhere - each of us feels that we matter to the group and that when we are not here, the group misses us. We hope you find something here for your RC group.


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