Ian D. Allen

Updated: 2022-11-25  

22 Oak Street
Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada.   K1R 6S9
Telephone: +1 613-235-6216
E-Mail:  idallen@idallen.ca
WWW:  www.idallen.com


Education and Certification

Selected Work Experience

Community College Professor (22 years, to 2019)   teaching.idallen.com

Developed curriculum and taught students at the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. A list of topics is on teaching.idallen.com and includes: introduction to Unix/GNU/Linux system administration, Unix/GNU/Linux script programming, Unix/GNU/Linux for programmers, Web HTML and CSS, Web CGI programming, TCP/IP network programming, computer architecture, intermediate C programming (compiler writing), Windows 9x, Visual Basic, IBM OS/390 MVS JCL.

Network Technical Director (3 years, to 1996)   www.ncf.ca

Responsible for technical management, design, and programming at the 60,000-member National Capital FreeNet (NCF), Canada’s largest community network. Supervised NCF’s adoption of WWW and PPP technology under Unix (SunOS/Solaris).

Research Systems Manager (5 years, to 1993)   www.cgl.uwaterloo.ca

Responsible for a network of 50 Unix/Ultrix computers in the Computer Graphics Laboratory at the University of Waterloo. Configured, upgraded, and modified most areas of the Unix/Ultrix system environment to support academic research. Some real-time message-passing programming experience under the NRC Harmony operating system.

Head of Math User Services (3 years, to 1988)   www.math.uwaterloo.ca

Supervised a staff of seven student consultants in the Mathematics Faculty Computing Facility at the University of Waterloo. Solved faculty, staff, and student problems on computers ranging from Honeywell DPS-8 main-frames to networked Unix/BSD/Ultrix super-mini’s and Sun workstations.

Academic Standings and Scholarships

Operating Systems and Languages

Current Unix/Linux Experience

Non-Unix Experience


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