Ian D. Allen

Updated: 2019-01-15  

22 Oak Street
Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada.   K1R 6S9
Telephone: +1 (613) 235-6216
E-Mail:  idallen@idallen.ca
WWW:  www.idallen.com


Education and Certification

Selected Work Experience

Community College Professor (1996 to present)   teaching.idallen.com

Developing curriculum and teaching students at the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. Current topics at teaching.idallen.com include: introduction to Unix/GNU/Linux system administration, Unix/GNU/Linux script programming. Prior topics: Unix/GNU/Linux for programmers, Web HTML and CSS, Web CGI programming, TCP/IP network programming, computer architecture, intermediate C programming (compiler writing), Windows 9x, Visual Basic, IBM OS/390 MVS JCL.

Network Technical Director (3 years, to 1996)   www.ncf.ca

Responsible for technical management, design, and programming at the 60,000-member National Capital FreeNet (NCF), Canada’s largest community network. Supervised NCF’s adoption of WWW and PPP technology under Unix (SunOS/Solaris).

Research Systems Manager (5 years, to 1993)   www.cgl.uwaterloo.ca

Responsible for a network of 50 Unix/Ultrix computers in the Computer Graphics Laboratory at the University of Waterloo. Configured, upgraded, and modified most areas of the Unix/Ultrix system environment to support academic research. Some real-time message-passing programming experience under the NRC Harmony operating system.

Head of Math User Services (3 years, to 1988)   www.math.uwaterloo.ca

Supervised a staff of seven student consultants in the Mathematics Faculty Computing Facility at the University of Waterloo. Solved faculty, staff, and student problems on computers ranging from Honeywell DPS-8 main-frames to networked Unix/BSD/Ultrix super-mini’s and Sun workstations.

Academic Standings and Scholarships

Operating Systems and Languages

Current Unix/Linux Experience

Non-Unix Experience


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